The Wreath Of Fire.

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The Wreath Of Fire.

The glitter from eyes long lost,
Darkness, through blank thoughts danced,
Pain of unknown origin whipped again and again,
The castles built way above than one can see,
All fell apart into the invisible life.

Choices made they bound life like,
A string filled with thorns tight,
Everywhere when to escape tried,
Only more pain came from those unruly monsters,
Who bound and bound a life into shattered mirrors.

Every bit of that mirror reflected,
Every moment spend in consciousness,
Behind it all in clarity can be seen,
The fire of love decorating every moment lived,
Some ended in fire consumed,
Some stayed when fire put out.

Those remained outnumbered those lost,
But when grounded to dust by the binding string,
It itself left an image with wreath of fire ornamented,
For the stupid to laugh once more in mockery of life.

Michael Learns To Rock – Breaking My Heart

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