Understand Me Or Die Trying

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For people who know me very well they know that the main site of mine is LonelyPoet.Com. Now for couple of years I tried to keep this as the main site. I tried to divide sites with poems there and blog here, later I tried to merge it all into this site. Leaving the other site. There was a time when I left xanga for a reason and spent my time only in that site. I came back understanding nothing matters anymore. The problem with LonelyPoet.Com was I built the website with Invision Power Board software so it was an interactive site. That became a problem there as people started fighting and every other day I have to warn people or ban their IP and later it became filled with spammers and porn site advertisers. Now I moved the site to WordPress and don’t allow any comments there, which brought some peace of mind to me. This site also is going to be that way. Those who want to read my works can read it either in LonelyPoet.Com or in Xanga PoetryBox. To all the people who commented on this site understand, my decision is not based on any of your actions and please please please don’t take it personal. The last time I tried to make this a read only site, someone did the same. Couple of others blocked me, some parents emailed me saying their kids are good kids and all. Don’t do anything. Its just that I am trying a different way to reach out to you.
Alright. I will visit your sites and leave comments nothing changes in that way okay.

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