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I don’t know how many of you come to the front page of my site these days. Those who comment just come from the sub page to the post and leave. I have added a small Video box on the left hand side of the xanga front page. Just come to and scroll down a bit you can see the box. When I am online you can see me…in my room where I sit and write, talk on the phone, watch T.V,listen to music or I just talk to myself if there is none to talk to.hehe. Those who have me on IM can come online and chat with me. I cando the LiveCast from anywhere, it means I can use my Treo and do theLiveCast too. You can see the difference from the quality of the videoor the writing under the video that says “LoinelyPoet’s Live Webcast(itmeans I am using my PC)” or it says “LonelyPoet’s Phone LiveCast”(it means I am using my Treo to do the LiveCast) The Treo cast is not good in quality as the camera is not that good. Anyway don’t get scared seeing a big headed poet cracking his head to write hehehe… and these days as it is Ramadhan I am fasting too so I don’t open my mouth a lot.

Laugh a lot if you can seeing my gestures. Long time back before I started the Xanga I had something called ‘LonelyPoet’s Poetry Workshop’ where one can see the whole room all the time. People come write comments like, we love the furry bear( I was fatter, with lot of hair and unshaved most of the time).. hehehe…. I am going to leave now leaving some pictures from China… the photographer Jason Lee did a remarkable job with the camera. Some pictures, hold a thousand lines of verse in them.

Adamaged statue of Buddha is seen at the destroyed Xiayuan Temple inLuoshui town of earthquake-hit Shifang county, Sichuan Province June 3,2008. Sixty-five cultural relics under state protection and 119 underprovincial protection in Sichuan province have been severely damaged asa result of May 12 earthquake, the State Administration of CulturalHeritage said in a report by China Daily.  REUTERS/Jason Lee

Abutterfly flies around the feet of dead students buried in the ruins ofdestroyed classrooms at a school in earthquake-hit Beichuan county,Sichuan province, May 15, 2008.  REUTERS/Jason Lee

Agirl fails to maintain a crouching posture as students go throughetiquette training at a vocational school in Beijing October 25, 2007.Around 1,400 aviation service students, mostly between the ages of 16and 17, are currently going through physical conditioning as well asprofessional training for dressing and etiquette in order to serve asstewards during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, according to the schoolannouncement.  REUTERS/Jason Lee

Anethnic Tibetan girl looks over her shoulder outside the LabrangMonastery in Xiahe, western China’s Gansu province, August 14, 2006.  REUTERS/Jason Lee

Arainbow appears as a Chinese man uses a boat to move in a floodedstreet in Wuzhou city, southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang AutonomousRegion, June 24, 2005.  REUTERS/Jason Lee

Reutersphotographer Jason Lee is pictured in the earthquake-hit BeichuanCounty, Sichuan Province as he covers the earthquake aftermath May 19,2008. REUTERS/Stringer

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  1. Im really enjoying these photo blogs I am working on one myself today… Yesterday I went up into the rocky mountains and took allot of pictures… Some of these pictures were very compelling and some were just interesting Im not sure why out of all of these the one that cought my eye was the etiquette training picture… Thanks for sharing…

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