The Last One

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Who will be the last one to enter heaven? Now here is something to think about….

Every sinner should pay a price and God always keep tabs of things done, the good, the bad and the evil things humans do. After the day of judgment many go directly to heaven, many go to hell forever, then there are those who did good but did many sins too, they will go to hell first to face punishment for the sins they did and once they finish the punishment they will be taken to heaven. What about the last one to exit hell? Well for that person will pray and pray to God even when he is in hell to help him. Eventually God will tell him, “Okay, I will get you out of here, but don’t ask for more” God gets him out of hell but asks the angels to leave him right outside of it. The place right outside of hell is not so great, because of  the brutal heat and dirty things happening in hell, the surroundings are pretty nasty. The last one is not satisfied with this at all as the last one notice, far away it is visible there is greenery but none can’t reach that place. The last one will start praying again to God and after long long prayers God ask him “Now what?” The last one says, “Just get me to that green place, here it is not much better than hell”. God says “Sure, but don’t ask for more” God commands angels to get this person to the greenery, which is the outside part of heaven. Still the last one is not fully satisfied as from there one can get a feeling of the heaven, but can’t reach heaven at all. The curious last person to exit hell want to know what it is like in heaven but no way can reach heaven. The last person again starts long long prayers… after a long time God will ask “I told you not to ask for more and here you are with hands stretched at me, tell me what do you want? The last one says, I want to just go and sit at the those magnificent gates that’s all, God grants the wish and the last one now sits just outside the Gates of heaven. Sitting there the last one can hear all that is going on in heaven but the last one is not at all satisfied. So the prayers starts again and God asks him, What now? “I just want to know how it is there just want to go into heaven see things there and then get me out of there and bring me back here” God says “Okay, that is reasonable” God tell Angels to let this person and show the first part of heaven. After seeing everything the person was brought back to the gate. Then the person tells God I have one last request, can I just sit here right inside the gate? God says ” Sure” but this time the person was fully satisfied and sits there with a heart filled with joy. Then God says as you are satisfied now here is an offer what about every luxury that was on earth with all happiness on earth with no pain or sadness forever. The person says with a heart filled with thankfulness “Thank God, I am all thankful to you” Then God says, as for the thankfulness, multiply what I offered by ten.
  Thats what the last person to enter heaven gets. Now imagine the ones that goes before that last person. But what one should get from this, first of one should be satisfied with what one gets, then one should be thankful for what one got. These two will get one more than what one wishes for.

Here are some images.

Avisitor looks at pictures from the artwork ‘Heads Up’ by Australianartist Craig Walsh at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) in SydneySeptember 12, 2008. Heads Up features 17 portraits printed in purepigment on archival paper and will be in Sydney’s CAM until October 19. 
REUTERS/© Daniel Munoz / Reuters

McLarenFormula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain looks on inside hisbox during the first free practice session of the Italian F1 Grand Prixrace at the Monza racetrack in Monza, near Milan, September 12, 2008.The Italian F1 Grand Prix race will be held in Monza on Sunday.  
REUTERS/© Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Darkclouds are seen above a refinery as Hurricane Ike approaches the Gulfof Mexico near Houston, Texas September 12, 2008. Massive Hurricane Ikebore down on the Texas coast on Friday, driving a wall of water intoseaside communities and threatening catastrophic damage.  
REUTERS/© Carlos Barria / Reuters

Pigeons fly at the Murillo public square in front of the Palacio Quemado Goverment Palace in La Paz September 12, 2008. REUTERS/© Ivan Alvarado / Reuters

Palestinianwomen sit near the controversial Israeli barrier at the Qalandiyacheckpoint outside the West Bank city of Ramallah, September 12, 2008,as they try to reach the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on the secondFriday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Muslims around the worldabstain from eating, drinking and sexual relation from sunrise tosunset during Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. REUTERS/© Yannis Behrakis / Reuters

Palestinianwomen pray inside the Dome of the Rock in the compound known to Muslimsas al-Haram al-Sharif, and to Jews as Temple Mount, on the secondFriday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Jerusalem’s Old CitySeptember 12, 2008. Muslims around the world abstain from eating,drinking and sexual relation from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, theholiest month in the Islamic calendar.  REUTERS/© Ammar Awad / Reuters

Youthstake part in a midnight candlelight march between the Notre DameCathedral and the Invalides in Paris late September 12, 2008. Thefollowers will gather at the Invalides where Pope Benedict XVI willcelebrate an open-air mass on Saturday, the second day of his four-dayvisit to France.  
REUTERS/© Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

Awoman carrying a baby on her back rides on a motorbike with a NorthKorean soldier along the banks of the Yalu River near the North Koreantown of Qing Cheng, located around 50km (31 miles) north of the Chineseborder city of Dandong, September 12, 2008. North Korean leader KimJong-il is on the mend from an apparent stroke, a South Korean lawmakersaid on Thursday, with no signs he has lost his grip over a countrythat possibly has nuclear weapons. Kim, 66, has led communist NorthKorea for 14 years, under which the reclusive country has seen itanaemic economy shrink, its ballistic missile arsenal swell and U.N.sanctions imposed due to its nuclear program and first atomic test twoyears ago. REUTERS/© David Gray / Reuters

RobertShumake holds an American flag as high swells caused by Hurricane Ikebreak behind him in Galveston, Texas September 12, 2008. Hundreds ofthousands of people fled coastal areas in the path of Hurricane Ike onThursday as the storm gathered strength on a collision course with theTexas Gulf Coast, threatening to swamp populous areas around Houstonunder a massive wave of water. REUTERS/© Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

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