A City of Desolate Mothers

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I believe many of you have seen on T.V what is happening in the country of Georgia in Eastern Europe. I have heard the western T.Vs, Radio stations and News Papers saying the Russians are going back to their imperial past. I know a lot of Russians the modern day Russians are really friendly people and I couldn’t believe that they will support any Russian administration to go back to their dark communist/soviet past. As where I live I get almost all channels from Eastern Europe through Dish Antennas, I saw the following program on Russia Today. Watch this carefully and pay very close attention to the details. You can see the other side of the whole conflict. It will clearly tell you why the Russians behaved so aggressively at the Georgians. Keep in mind war is ugly and some part of this following video is graphic in nature. Viewers discretion is advised. If you want to reload the video just reload the page for some reason the controls on the Video is not showing up.

ACity of Desolate Mothers

RT correspondent Oksana Boyko investigates the aftermath of the conflict in South Ossetia. She produced this in-depth report into the mothers who are grieving the loss of their children during the war.

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  1. I really have a hard time handling things like this I really gave it my best effort to watch the video but when it got to the mutilation part I stopped it makes me too upset… This is tragic and it just goes to show that man left to his own devices is capable of anything if history has taught us anything its that…

  2. @Adamission12 – you are right it is quite disturbing. I’ve had a hard time watching it either. But that is the fact buddy. The funny thing is everyone blamed Russia, when the real culprit was Georgia. The Georgian attack was in plans for sometime read this article that came in Reuters.. Click Here

    Now look at what NATO is doing and what we in the west are saying. Who is still living in the cold war era, we in the west or Russia? I think it is time for us in the west to show the world that we are not going to support any of these stupid aggressions anymore. Both Georgia and Russia should have resorted to negotiated settlement of their problems looks like we ended up fueling the crisis in Georgia./Ossetia/Abkhasia

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