The Loser’s Words.

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Clips from September 24, 2008, Late Show with David Lettermanwhere he roasts, trashes, attacks, and mocks John McCain have forcanceling appearance and doing an interview with Katie Couric instead.

This is a picture I found in the RussiaToday T.V website.

Summer is over, but there are some more days before I will be fullyfunctional. The air started growing heavier and heavier. So it is thattime of the year when this poet opens his mind. So here we go to thefall and winter, when the trees of imagination of this poet blooms.

The Loser’s Words.

Once upon a time a silly thought in my mind I felt,
And then like a goldsmith that thought I melted,
Then like that precious metal the thought I molded.

Through days and nights, spring and fall,
Summer and winter, wandered and wandered,
Like a blind man in the middle of desert,
The thought melted and molded, again and again.

Drove through dark paths, fought through bad luck,
Time became transparent for that precious wonderful thought,
Beyond the veils of mind when feelings opened mind,
Oh’ reality blown up all the fallen leaves.

Silence loomed all around, though wind with a heavy hand punched,
The burning fires grew stronger, the ever watchful owl moaned,
Venomous serpents passed by with hunger and fear,
Oh’ life without the thought a nightmare become.

Not so far, yet not so near you are,
The brightest eyes I know sprouting the glow,
Of a wonderful soul I know and feel in every breath.
But every step I put forward swept you further and further.

Now no more I can move as too far you are,
And the ways, too cumbersome to crawl,
Though I fell losing all hopes I know,
One day time into your soul will whisper,
The words of love I kept in my mind to tell.

4 Replies to “The Loser’s Words.”

  1. i don’t think the US realizes we’re slowly turning into a socialist country with all this government-sponsored buying out of things. oh well, there’s a time for everything.

    we all have words of love hidden somewhere inside. though by the time we need to use them, it’s not during the right time and all that. i’ve begun to think that love and risk is really one and the same thing.

  2. well said, well said. i’d expand on a lot of what you wrote, but i’d just be repeating myself. of course one of the big things about the whole bailout thing is how angry people are getting that their tax money is being used to save the people who already make too much of it. i mean just look at goldman. the average employee in that company earns $600,000 a year. that counts every level from secretary to the higher positions. i mean that’s just a little insane if you think about it. 

    without sounding too pessimistic and conspiracy-theory nutty, i think there’s probably something bigger than any of us behind this whole ordeal. hurricane Ike hits texas and ~10 drilling stations get wiped out and the gasoline prices aren’t affected?? half a year ago, any talk about a hurricane down there would sent the price of the barrel rocketing. you can almost see the govt trying to prevent the implosion. scary if you think about it, i don’t know. better not to think about it. happy thoughts, ponies, butterflies, lollipops and sunshine, etcetc. 
    anyway hope your weekend went well. you take care of yourself

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