A Lesson From Each Other.

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A Lesson From Each Other.

The Northern wind took the hands of summer and sung,
A song that reflected the feeling summer left,
In the heart and soul of every living being,
In the warmth and the leaving light I looked,
And dipped the quill into my own soul and wrote.

The colors left and the drizzles moved,
The clouds vaporized for sun to show a smiling face,
For many who saw life and the time given materially,
It’s just another day when you came, with warmth all around.

The sun spread his wild wide wings,
And pushed dawn and dusk for more daylight time,
Oh’ the warmth of the sun stood by and watched,
The warmth of love you left in my heart spread.

The light of the sun float around and kissed,
Every corner of your face and reflected into my soul.
The stars in the summer nights danced,
Leaving joy of love of each other in our hearts.

Now the Northern winds sing again and again,
An anthem of love we feel now and forever will feel,
As souls of ours together stands and wave goodbye,
To the warmth, golden twilight and longer days,
As we learned to confine in the love of each other.

No man’s woman –  Sinead O’Connor

2 Replies to “A Lesson From Each Other.”

  1. and here I had my comment already composed in my head about Sinead with hair, then she pulls the wig off.  I can’t believe she’s still in the angsty stage, and what’s with the rasta-disconnect? weird.

    Onto something more positive,  I like the imagery of this:

    The clouds vaporized for sun to show a smiling face

    Take care.

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