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The season of fall came with calm,
Feeling the top of the lake,
Unto it I looked and in minds eye saw,
Two lovely eyes with passions filled,
They both borrowed those passions,
From the thriving soul of yours.

The season of winter conquered,
Even the warmest corners with frost,
Time stood still like a man made snow man,
Even time woke up in foot step of yours,
And brought greenery and wild flowers,
Even when snow fell from the sky, uninterrupted.

The season of spring I remember,
The fresh bud taking life,
Then with care from wind and earth,
And into a mind calming flower bloomed,
Unto them I looked and in minds eye saw,
The spreading lips of yours,
They borrow the sweetness from a heart,
Filled with unconditional love.

From that love spread summer with wings,
And for warmth thrived but far away sun played,
Hide and seek behind thick dark clouds,
Into those days you walked,

And the glow from your skin filled the air,

The warmth of love again and again felt.

Oh’ what wonderful moments forever will remain,
In the life of the one you choose to share,
The summer, fall, winter and spring,
As with the scents and touch of yours,
Will bloom an everlasting spring filled with you.

3 Replies to “Liliana”

  1. THANKS for the comment. I can always count on you to say something nice about my poetry even when I have been gone awhile 🙂 Your poetry flows with such beautiful imagery. Soooo soothing….


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