Calamities In A Crooked Mind.

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I am experimenting with reality, if that is not coming intomy life I will go and put myself into it. That’s what exactly I am doing. Butin all honesty this is a world I love and hate at the same time. Hehehe. Readthe following intro and poem. The two previous poems did not made it toLonelyPoet.Com collections. Go fishing in mind to find what happened. Hehehe.

One bit of lie and to make that look like a truth Oh it willmake life a never ending nightmare and when it is done by someone one cares. Ithurts. It only takes a smile and accept ones mistake to correct the wrong.Failure to do that will hurt oneself and everyone else.

        It is withsheer frustration, anger and sadness I woke up from sleep. As every move I madeto fix something backfired and I can feel the burning of soul deep inside.There are lot of mocking smiles but ah’ they know not. Their turn to step intothe fire will come.

Calamities In A Crooked Mind.

The silent night faded away as clashing clouds roared,
The migrating birds shivered in the lashing cold rain,
A dream around the dreamer with whispers roamed,
But sleep eluded the mind and eyes remained opened.

The depths of the sky so dark as light away from there stayed,
So far away stars twinkled to the naked eye,
Oh’ in real, in the chaos of truth they all burned away.
Mind once more at those images in real reflected.

Didn’t I opened to all those fancy pretenders,
Didn’t I stretched my arms to all those falling leaves,
Oh’ so many of them fell through the hands,
So many pushed away and to unknown depths fell.

When in the scattered ruins of dreams I saw I searched,
All the unreal, untruth and uncouth in my hands perished,
The little bit of reality remained glittered in hope,
Then in mockery of the unreal I chased upon my eyes glared.

The cloaks of truth once more I took to cover,
But the winds of the storm so strong me too withered,
And from hands once more truth and all that stood for it scattered.
The world and me in two far corners of universe spread.

This cycle of betrayal and failure, Oh’ many life times it stretched,
And only a half of it, seen, felt and lived and once more failed,
Oh’ no calamities will come out of thin air to shatter,
Any truthful mind that lived in the righteous paths.

This cycle of betrayal of oneself as a curse forever haunts,
The depths of eternity not even fools will try to gauge,
Oh’ please, please, please do not borrow crookedness,
For a short time pleasure that burns down the truth.

Oh’ please, please, please, know, every action,
Of even the meanest creatures sways the universe,
You, me and everyone in equal importance live,
A life none else but you and me can choose.

7 Replies to “Calamities In A Crooked Mind.”

  1. You know what would be really, really cool for me? If you wrote a poem in your “native” language then write the translation below it in English.  I’d love, love, love that. I can hear your language in your English.  Probably call me provincial, but I’m amazed when I watch Indian movies and the cross-over of the British influence makes me forget that sometimes they’re speaking Hindi, or whatever. Want to? I bet you have an audience.

  2. @POETIC_ISIS – You are asking me to write in a language that may require special fonts to write. First of all my mother tongue is not Hindi. It is called Malayalam. I tried to write in Malayalam but other than speaking a slang of it I don’t know how to write in my mother tongue nor I can read the language well. Do you feel that English language is a problem for me to write in? If so say it. I don’t mind it. But what to say… I can try what asked but I may need the help of my brother, He writes in Malayalam. Let me see if he can spare sometime Okay.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. @poetrybox – Cool! Thank you. I felt like a fool trying to guess what it was. Like,
    I don’t know, that I’d insult you by guessing Hindi or whatever.  Malayalam.  That’s a lead! I’m gonna Wiki and everything. I love it. Please don’t take me wrong. Yes, English is not so much a “problem”, but listen to how I write, and I was born in America! You do fine! But it’s different from “perfect” Britannica. So what. The better poets are! (Langston Hughes, for one). Yes. Please, talk to your brother, but the whole font thing is more of a challenge than simple noun/verb conjugation. Is okay. Maybe just one poem? With translation (English)? Thank you. You’re a sweety.

  4. The Impending Doom of a Straight Mind

    The path before me is as clear
    As my mind is laid straight
    The road in both realities are
    Ever continuing, unmarred by hate.

    Yet weeds grow where flowers should be
    Neither is the Sun shining
    The warmth I feel, the heat
    From the fires of hell, blazing

    What nightmare is this
    What other options were there
    I never strayed from the reality which
    Was set before me, never

    Could I have imagined -was rather unaware
    That just to follow a straight path
    Would I thus begin my nightmare
    And of fallen angels’ incurred wrath

    No reality nor dream has as this
    The true life that is lived unseen
    In spiritual reality layered in mist
    That cloaks the Truth entirely.

    Know that I’m a staunch supporter  of your poetry!

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