Deep Rooted Love

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Here my latest poem in Audio Video and Text with blog comments.

Deep Rooted Love.

Vowed to be soul mates forever,

Wonderful everything felt from soul,         

What wonderful life they both dreamed,

When walking out of the white brick church.


She was mine, she was mine, onlooker screamed,

Groom readily agreed and said,

“She was yours now she is mine” and at her he smiled,

Another man said not from far, ‘She used me”,

Groom with his head raised said,

“To climb every height one need a stepping stone”,

And looked deep into the eyes of the man who said,

“She is the mother of my child” an old man said,

“Experience add to her quality” without hesitation groom said,

Held her hands and to the gates he walked,

“Why take the hand of such a bitch” a middle aged woman asked,

To her with the bride in pride he walked and said,

“All the men with whom she slept,

All the men who betrayed her in the name of love,

Everyone with passion and compassion she took,

And everyone left her after lust left their mind,

I too went to many with same kinda lust,

And saw no sparkle in their eyes,

And felt no butterflies in my belly,

They all left me after their lust left their mind,

Then to her I went to kill one night’s lust,

And found her kneeling to god and pray,

To bring a man of kindness in that night,

And then to my own conscience I asked,

If that man be me Oh’ how wonderful God may feel,

And to her on one knee I asked to fulfill her heartfelt prayer,

And she in tears kissed me when she said yes”.


None spoke, some walked in opposite ways,

Some wiped away the new born tears,

And a wind slowly opened the gates,

And they both hand in hand out to the world in haste walked.

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