Hopes In A Bright Spring Day

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Hello Everyone…. I am a bit quite these days.. but don’t worry.. I am very active doing shows on BlogTV. Here I am posting my new poems. You all know I will never forget you all. I will be coming to all your pages to know what is going on with you all. Hope everyone one welcoming this wonderful spring. Yeah it is time to move into a spring. Lets all forget the dark old winter days and get into a wonderful time ahead. Now the video is my recital of the new poem on blogtv. I kinda stumbled upon my own words. Hope you all enjoy this. Have a great weekend everyone.

Hopes In A Bright Spring Broadcast your self LIVE

Hopes In A Bright Spring Day.

Spring time weaved by nature in perfection,
And warmth came from all sides and consumed,
Every bit of life and unfreezing,
Even the depths of minds frozen by dark winter.

And shown in all wonders of nature all around,
The cool drizzle, the giggle of Mother Nature,
The sprouting trees, the smile of Mother Nature,
The nesting birds, the children of Mother Nature.

In the nesting time of the birds looking for mates,
Males and females flying around singing,
Their squeaking, dancing and the flight, so wonderful to see,
The beauty unfolded and through my viewing glass, enjoyed.

One bird waiting to find a mate, I watched,
Hours the bird all around flew,
A wonderful nest with comforts of all kinds built,
And after every flight with food of all kinds returned.
Then jumped from branch to branch
The waiting and the singing then flying around,
Though no honey found so early in spring,
The love from mind O sweeter than sweetest waited.
Then from far came the wonderful bird,
With all colors and sweetest songs,
The squeaking and kissing the elusiveness of mate,
The chasing through the air in high speed flight,
Oh’ songs and love of birds filled the air,
And filled the mind of a poet too.
Oh what wonderful ways nature builds nest for us,
And what beautiful ways we find life all around,
Looking at these birds and the hopes of a wonderful spring,
With beauty, love and happiness filled,
Reflecting from within a moment of joy,
Though alone, still with happiness of what seen,
At the end of the day with my viewing glass I walked,
Once more into lonely but bright road,
Where hopes like wild weeds sprouted,
With colors of all kinds dipped in love.

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