Falling Feathers

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My face looks like a rotten pumpkin now. I am not kidding. It is horrible; it’s no wonder why people curse the dentist. I didn’t curse him. Well last 4 days shown me how I can deal with pain, in a way it was nice I was all alone because if there was someone with me I would have made that person hate me. Said all that I a going to rest this weekend. It’s been a while since I sat and wrote with pen on paper something. Let’s see what comes out of it.


Well the poet never leaves his readers disappointed. Here is a 5 min scribble.


Falling Feathers.


One by one the feathers fell,

As time in waves passed me by,

Though a thousand dreams I have seen,

None stayed to see how their fulfillment brings,

Joy to my mind, as they too faded with bad times.


Now upon an imaginary tree as a phoenix I sit,

Waiting for the last feather to fall,

Oh’ the fate of the phoenix one know,

Ah’ that day will birth with the colors of your love. 




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