Unappreciated Smile Of The Invisible Darling

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Little bad time I should say. One of my wisdom teeth broke and what remains of it is scratching my cheeks and the bottom wisdom tooth. There is another wisdom tooth on the right side that is hanging. Not a lot of pain but I have a swelling on my left cheek. I saw the doctor and got referred to a dental surgeon. Well as three teeth need to be taken out I should be put to sleep. There is a problem for that; I am alone so the doctor sent me home on Friday saying that I should bring an adult with me. Today I am took my coworker Chris with me. Now I am hungry to eat an Elephant alive but got to wait forever before all these numbness and bleeding to stop. I was sleeping now I am half awake and sitting and typing this.

How are you all out there. I really felt lonely in the last couple of day. There is always a price to pay for being alone. If I fell there won’t be any to take care of me. Chris came as a god send blessing thanks to him.


Unappreciated Smile Of The Invisible Darling 

The months of summer have arrived,

Oh’ dear like your smile they all came,

Warm, bright and enlightening.

My dear, my dearest darling these days I look,

At these bright warm days to be reminded,

Of a smile I wish I could see,

Everyday brighter than the summer sun,

And brightening up the darkest moments of life.

Oh’ invisible you always was,

And invisible you will remain,

Silent about you I will remain,

Fulfilling your undeniable wish,

But do you believe I ever can keep,

That wonderful smile of yours invisible in my mind?

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