The Dead Lover.

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After a fantastic weekend I am back at work. I had a dental appointment and needed to do a show on blogtv. Yesterday was good and today was better but the weather oh’ boy. It is really bad out here heat index is about 107…. Damn Well other than that little busy with work and I came to work late too. I may be doing a show later tonight.. Scott my friend is doing a show too so if I don’t reach home in time I won’t do the show tonight. But my xanga family (the ones that betrayed me and left trashing promises are not included) here is a poem for you all. Well what I told in the poem is true.


The Dead Lover.


Torn thoughts like little devils haunt,

And from the depths of mind boomerang,

Memories of those years when a crystal he carved,

From the depths of his soul with all the feelings filled.


Oh’ all the innocence of childhood days he poured,

And the crystal with yellow light glowed,

The confusion of all his teenage days he poured,

And the crystal with blue light glowed,

The fighting anger of the young man he poured,

And the crystal with red light glowed,

Then the crystal mixed all of those he poured,

And into his soul imprinted,

Verses of life times ahead,

Verses that praised love of her.


A million colors through the crystal sprouted,

And in every ray saw the smile of her,

But oh’ the dearest darling of him left it all,

Ah’ the crystal, back into his soul she thrown,

As into a wild world a nose dive she took,

Far, far away from his senses she fell,

And the helpless warrior in loveless confusion fell.


Silence in his mind echoed,

And every where a gloom spread,

When the glow of the crystal taken away,

Oh’ inevitability through life pierced,

And every moment when the crystal its shape took,

He should have thought about the moment that bleeds,

And dissolved what came out of the essence of life.

Oh’ no enemy killed this warrior,

As he never fought anyone with any sword, bow or gun,

Just dreams, hopes and it all filled in to make a lot of love,

And from her mind never will he die,

And the crystal bound to his soul forever will survive,

And red light into the crystal forced its way,

Even when darkness in every corner and senses filled.


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