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I did a wonderful show yesterday on blogtv presenting some of my latest writings there. It is fascinating how much people love to see a show, any show. The show makers should become a bit more open in making wonderful shows there. There are some amazing people I found there… Mike Mozart(jeepersmedia) Gayle(GodBlessHumanity) Chandra(BlondeRootsProduction) TiciRika(Federika) Natalie Ann, etc. They all amazed me inspired and encourage me to be better. I am glad when I do a show but this weekend I will not be doing a show as I am going to drive tomorrow aha.

   Here is a poem hope you all will understand what I am talking about. It was first named “The Play” by the time I ended the poem, the play does not matter, actors mattered that’s what this is all about.


Just Read…

May you all have an amazing weekend filled with joy, laughs and lot and lots of love.


The Solitary Actor.

The curtains have gone up,

From every corner light faded in,

And the play with ear piercing screams started,

Oh’ what wonders this play to show,

Though plot-less in every way this play in making.


Actors for the roles to play in this play, came,

And for the roles for them given, some never fit,

Ah’ some during this dynamic play, fallen away,

Some in silence stared but in mockery smiled inside,

And some ran away as far as they can unknowing,

What this play is all about and remained far.


The greatest wonder of this dynamic play,

The plot through the play, unfolded,

Oh’ none known the plot ahead of time,

But time known and in time were written,

Who play what role in this play,

Still some abandoned the play by their own choice.


Tales of innocence the play first told,

Then tales of adventures the play played,

Song of romance in happiness and sadness the play sung,

Then the survival of it all the play portrayed.


The wonder of the play got over,

Faces lost colors and faded,

Actors gone, curtains torn,

Most actors are part of the audience now,

Some actors faded into oblivion,

Oh’ the play going on and on though light started fade,

One actor trying hard to fill in the stage,

Playing every possible part in the most dramatic ways,

Restless, yet, that actor won’t stop until fallen,

He chose to remain in the play,

As while acting in a play none in audience up close will see,

The tear filled eyes of a lover whom none ever loved.


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