The Vanished Words.

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Some months back I announced the next book I am publishing. “Yesterdays And Romantic Feelings” That’s the name of the book. It took a while to convince the publisher to go ahead with the book as is in this tough economic times. Couple of weeks back I was just sitting at home watching TV. when this idea came to my mind. I am going to change the whole book. The 125 poems in the book will like a big poem of 125 words. So lot more writing to do. I pulled the book from almost the edge of printing. So my initial estimate is about eight weeks of writing to connect them all. You all will love it… I guarantee it. hehehe

  Here is a poem I wrote during a storm. Hope most of you know how to read between the lines. aha.

The Vanished Words.

The wind upon the trees lashed, unopposed,
The woods in the wild dance of the western wind swayed,
The Owl still howled as hunger about any storms never cared,
The ground again and again shook,
As thunder blasted and the ground by fiery lightnings pierced,
As these sights embedded into memory in my mind sprouted,
Verses about calm and peace.

Night and storms bolted as his muscles Sun shook,
And Sun through every corner of the morning pierced,
And like a lover looking for love, light to every corner spread,
Dust raised and out of the windows crept through the peeping rays,
The new bloomed glories and violets,
The old tunes from the throats of the Cardinals, well rested,
Ah’ a line of verse upon the tip of my tongue danced, well weaved.

The innocence of the child, even in cries
The eagerness on the face of the teenager, even in naughtiness
The all lost look upon the face of man in mid-age crisis,
The fear on the face of the slow driving oldie,
Oh’ many words weaved in verses and then broke,
And those words in innocence, eagerness, lost thoughts, fear,
Vanished as past, present and future was what was seen.

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