View Of Insanity

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This is me at work


Aha a week is over. I am not that tired like I thought. I feel upbeat. That’s good as there isn’t much happening to get me into this mood. Well, who cares about reasons what one feels is what matters. There are many different kind of people I know from here, Twitter, BlogTV, MySpace. Damn some of them have serious mental issues. I am not kidding.. those are reptilians with no mercy. They know what I am talking about.


The Poem. Written around the second week of May. This poem did not made any sense to me first. I modified it couple of times now I see it as when stood away from the poem like when one stands away from a painting one see more of the painting. I understood what feeling flown through my mind, then through hands and wrote this. Enjoy my insanity. Hehehe.

Have a great weekend everyone.

View Of Insanity

The seasons stood pale and time frozen,

In chain and balls love life days kept,

Unfed and tortured with nightmares of lonely life,

Ah’ the pain of waiting way beyond birth went back.

Silence watched every move and loomed,

And pried on every thought to mind came,

With doubts and consumed everything five senses can bring.

Oh’ never thought love have a synonym called Silence.

Tired as when awake all lost laid,

And to mind come the scaring daydreams,

And darkness at nights squeezed,

Oh’ from it all, to some far away place, wanted to run.

But no ways one can find,

As clouded everything looks,

Shadows firing arrows with poison filled,

Shapeless faces laughing and blowing flying kisses,

And stood beside a bond fire eating their own half fried flesh.

Venomous serpents out of their sleeping holes crept,

Spitting toxic venom all over,

Nothing stopped the blood filled eyes of lusty women,

Selling themselves just for satisfying their lust.

Wander not Oh not away from truth,

As all I said were no fantasy,

Or any form of creation of fiction,

They are the view of reality from another dimension,

Which anyone can see if looked from that dimension,

From these global view when into inside of oneself looked,

All I can find is all I did, and all I did was love,

And all I got was this view of insanity.


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