Waiting Between Seasons.

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The weekend is over and the morning was lazy, no, I was lazy in the morning. The day was crazy and made me crazier that it was.  I am glad I am going to go home now. Hope another Monday will bring to me more kindness from God. The greatest kindness, mmm I am still breathing the wonderful air. Well, this is a newer poem. Part of the first stanza was posted today morning in a modified way in Twitter. Those in twitter don’t know when the poet whispers in the morning he will shout a lot more in the evening… they will learn. Learn to listen in silence the heart beat of a poet.


Have a great evening everyone







Oh’ the air cooled as from far came,

The call of the fall and hearing, every leaf shivered,

The trees stood in fear holding the leaves,

Like a mother holding her kids in thunderstorm.


For another change nature prepare,

Waking up the cooler air from the north,

Whispering into the ears of migrating birds to move,

Burning fires of fall from the northern hemisphere.


Oh’ Autumn the color filled maiden,

When night finally finds his freedom,

To stretch his muscles beyond the time of daylight,

And to the innocents eyes show,

Millions more stars in his wings stretched.


Sadness lingered in some minds as summer left,

The so called happy days into memories sleep,

When through the golden daylights walk, remember,

A footstep left at a doorstep for her to rejoice,

Though don’t know mother nature’s naughtiness erased,

That final gesture to earn her heart,

Or she mistook that footstep for another man’s arrival.


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