Remembering “My Budding Rose”

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From where I sit right now I can see the wilderness in lush greenery making the woods around the apartment. The sun is trying hard to show his might once more before bowing before the serpent of darkness that is crawling through every corner in a pace of its own….. Wow this day was wonderful in many ways. I took a drive around, which was good. I can see the countenance on the face of people changing these days than at the same time last year. Last year I saw panic this year I see a challenging hope on the face of people. It is good in many ways and its has its own bad as not all challenges taken can succeed and not all people have the same life. When I am waiting for the sun to eventually go away, I scrambled around to find something to share and found “My Budding Rose”. Originally written in 2005 and is part of my first book “Age Of Survival” this is a poem I wrote with full enjoyment, hope you all will do the same… Enjoy.

My Budding Rose.

The wind slowly crept up from west,
The drizzles blessed the lands,
Months of waiting to see a leaf, over,
But the thorns still strong to leave a scar, deep.

Bright sun and the misty morns,
They live around you and for you my budding rose,
And waved in to your side are my silly verses,
The slow but steady awakening of you I watch.

The stem that holds you dear,
Defending with scary thorns all over,
The wind, land and drizzle defines you well,
I am still waiting to watch you blossom.

The beauty of a flower blossoming,
Is in the steady opening of the petals,
Upon which even the coldest dew melts,
I am still waiting for you to spread your charm.

With care and love I can only help,
For you to grow in your own color and scent,
Once blossomed in full the world will enjoy,
Every bit of your color, texture and scent.

In surety I can tell, none will feel or see,
The warmth of the deep soul of yours,
The charm of the color of yours,
The scent that fills every bit of the soul,
Like I feel through every sense of mine,
The heart and soul of yours, my budding rose.

From the book “Age Of Survival” ©LonelyPoet. All rights reserved. No Part of this poem maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publishers. Published by Publish America, LLP

Here is a picture taken around 2005 November when the poem posted above was written.

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