A Lovely Girl.

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Looks like most people in the East Coast are stuck at home or just staying home. WOW that’s what I call the deadly dance of old man winter. I love winter storms, tomorrow in the Midwest it is going to be nasty and sure I will enjoy it, sitting at home and watching the storm through the big window. Doctor told; don’t even think about hitting the snow. Blah blah blaaaaah. But I hope in another couple of days my days inside will be over and I will be out there making snowman with my nephew, niece and their friends.

  Anyway I started writing this poem as a gift. Usually my gift poems are not posted here in this site. But looks like the recipient had gone MIA. I was like WTF. So I changed the name and added some lines, modified lot more and here it is.

A Lovely Girl.


Seen a dance that made mind in rhythms wake,
The dance of your eyes when my verse you heard
Ah’ through those eyes the glitter of your soul I saw,
And the shine from your eyes you gave,
To all the loveless souls out there in wilder world.

Triumph of beauty all over you celebrates,
The blessing you are to all who see,
You in real, virtual and in imaginations when,
Dreams in happiness of minds are seen.

Your beauty is well balanced felt,
Through every senses of humans known,
And from your charm and smartness gained,
Senses to mankind unknown,
From where feelings of respect and care
Are born every moment time known.

Oh’ hopeless thoughts will never touch a soul,
Any soul in your eyes if they looked,
A God given blessing of this part of time,
Knitting dreams to every soul in kindness given.
And to me she in the voices of a singing bird she asked,
“Tell me dear, what in your verifying mind you think?”
And to her even before any thought came to mind said aloud,
Ever felt the warmth of sun when an Ice storm passed?
Ever felt the mist surrounding in a spring morning?
Every felt the touch of a flower just bloomed?
You are all that feeling in one”.
Her smile all through spring and summer spread,
Then in the fall in the change of colors seen,
And in winter upon the white blanket rolled,
Oh’ you are the darling never ever me and time can forget.


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