Benji’s Poem

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Hello everyone. How are you all doing these days? I am so sorry I am not coming to Xanga much these days. Got some work to be done, plus, I am working on some new poems which are not done yet. I am posting a poem here, I didn’t write this poem. The author of the poem is one of my best friends from India. He wrote the poem back in 2000 August. He recently asked me if I can find this poem for him. Here is the request I received on Facebook.
“Nice to hear your Castle in seconds ! If you still have my old poem, could you please send it to me .. read it on your blogTV ? It was nice to see and hear you after long.”
 Actually it took a wild ride for me to go an find that poem as I lost the original emails when my computer crashed back in 2007. But luck was with me and Benji, I found the poem in as I have posted the poem in LonelyPoet.Com in 2000. I am posting the poem as well as the email I received at that time here. It is good for a laugh. Keep in mind Benji is now married with two children. We talked about this poem last night on skype and had a long laugh. Hope you all enjoy this.

“Dear Riaz,
Was going through a troubling period in my life. Wrote a poem in the pangs of despair. I am sure you will identify with the emotions. Hope you like it. Please add it to as a work by a lonely friend of the lonelypoet

In the deep recess of the heart,
A Temple is desolate, empty and bare.
Its corridors echo a deafening silence.
For a Goddess has left it behind.

Outside, in the wilderness around,
A Priest lies with his face to the ground.
With a forlorn gaze on some distant mirage.
Benumbed, caught in a death-like vise.

He had been out, trying the best he could,
To build a Temple, magnificent, as befitted her.
Waiting without hope, she deemed him fickle,
And decided to leave, for another, better still.

Alas ! It was doomed from the start.
Arrogantly, he had professed his faith.
The journey was over, even before the start.
So sudden was the fall from grace.

Fate, Thou art cruel yet kind.
A new Goddess appears on the horizon.
She waits to be deified in his heart.
And prays for a devotion that will last.

Can he forget ? Can he be true ?
Will there be an answer to his cries ?
Confused and sad, he looks towards the stars.
Dare he believe, that there be one, lovelier still ?
—— Benji (’73- ?)
Written for those who know and care enough to understand. 21st August 2000 A.D. “

I probably will do a BlogTV show late tonight. Well that is still not sure as I got a dinner then got to meet couple of others. My BlogTV friends, please excuse me for not doing show there.

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