Historical Inevitability

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It is snowing in Kansas now, so I can clearly say… I am in Kansas. It is beautiful to see the spring time snow and all are happy around here too as we all know that this snow will not last long and spring, the beauty of all seasons will gain ground over winter.  Last couple of days we have had fantastic weather. Still lot of gloom on the face of people, many are losing jobs again. Yes the nightmare is back or I can say historical inevitability. Wasn’t this inevitable when policies of previous administrations made it possible to take jobs out of this country to countries like India, China, Brazil??.. damn you name it, we took it all over the world. Let me ask one question, what were they thinking, that money grows on trees here in America? They can make stuff cheaper out of this country and bring in here and sell forever? Without jobs there won’t be any money and without money nothing works. Our health care system, educations system, local government all are failing. Like I said just now, we all can point a hundred problems. Now my friends tell me what are you going to do about it? Fight more wars, pass bills that won’t do anything in the near future? Bring more immigrant workers like me in here? Believe me my friends…. It is not the fault of administrations, we are sleeping on a system that gave us a lot in the past and it just doesn’t work for us anymore. President Obama promised change and he not only learned but also taught us in the last one year, with the current system no change is possible. That is the truth both liberals and conservatives should accept and come together as Americans and change the system for the betterment of America as a whole.

   Those are my thoughts of the day after a night long debate with people in my late show on BlogTV. We talked about a lot more things in there. I don’t want to make a very long post here. I will speak about the other things we talked during the show in here tomorrow.

Here is a short poem I wrote as a facebook update.

Unleash the fires of passions mind told,
Break away the thorns filled chains that binds,
Hands and legs to a prison with five senses built,
Blast away the walls unseen, but every feeling makes it real,
Oh’ rejuvenated soul rebuilt the castle that crumbled,
With one loss. I.
Keep warm and if possible give warmth in words and deeds.

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