The Spirit Of The Spring Morning.

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The last 4-5 days went like a breeze. Sorry for not updating folks. Life at times can become too busy to get anything done properly. There are times when one should not use ‘I’ too many times. I meant it clearly. A person doesn’t matter but a group of people matters. Be it politics, sports, projects one does at school or work what truly matters is team work. However is it that way people deal with life at home? If so, why so many people divorce and walk away saying, “I need more of me”? So are we trying to be unannounced hypocrites? Serious questions isn’t it? Yes they are. Well, to say it short these questions or reasons for these questions should be asked before two people get together in a serious way. If one doesn’t have the time to ask these questions, get a pack of condom, get it over with, and walk away with a smile. Because when one get into serious life and build a family and they figure out the reasons for the questions I asked above, people may not be tearing apart themselves. They are in all probability tearing apart little minds too. It is not simple, 95% of serious crimes committed in the world is done by people who had single parents or parents who went in separate ways in their childhood. Duh, think folks think before you do anything. The passions of youth is something too tempting, enjoy it in such a way that you won’t regret it in the future but you will remember and smile about it all while taking a morning walk.

The Spirit Of The Spring Morning.

The slanting rays the morning pierced,
Through the bluish mist that enveloped,
The mother who slept a good night and woke,
Listening to the songs of sparrows and cardinals songs.

“Oh what a wonderful day that is born,
Every way senses feel,
Touching you O our mom,,
Waking you for our charm,
Inspired by your soul”.

Through the window my little peep,
Made think those little birds sang,
Those words with fresh throat,
And made me feel, the rays of sun dance,
In tunes of Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

Mother earth turned, turned and turned again,
The creatures turned along,
Some sat stubborn thinking they are still.
The little sweat upon the forehead felt,
And later the naughty wind cooled,
Said once more, nothing last forever,
Even the just heard tune of the bird changed,
But what in the heart felt,
Gave force for another step forward.

“Oh how wonderful the seasons are,
They change in time with you mom,
And in your arms, we still feel the same,
In your arms, we feel safe”.

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