The Love And Beauty I Searched.

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This is a good friend of me Grace. She is the one I used as a model to write this poem, as she requested me to write a romantic poem looking at her. I really don’t have the permission to put her picture in this site. I never asked that’s the truth. Still she is a charming, wonderful and above all a caring soul. Now don’t misunderstand me by guessing I am in love with this girl…woo, the time of me falling in love is over. Yeah, yeah yeah I know you all will say, there is no age to love and love see not age and all, blah, blah, blah… when it came to me those whom I loved and still love a lot just turned their faces away. Well as for Grace, I don’t talk to her with anything in mind so she knows it is okay to talk to me.

 I would’ve never told about Grace to anyone as there is nothing serious between us just that the situation in which this was written demands truth.  As for the poem I needed to keep it as simple as possible as I know otherwise she will not understand the poem at all.


The colors of life spring time shown,

And about wonders of beauty they spoke,

All around the nature they crown,

Beauty from your beautiful eyes they stole.


And to those colors I spoke,

In words and language none else known,

Ah’ those words made you smile,

Smiles that made universe in gladness sizzle.


The world of humans, fairies and angles in that sizzle woke,

And sang verses of chants in praise,

Of the wonderful soul that made all worlds wake,

From those praises, verses of love I found.


Those verses again and again I recited,

And the feelings made me gentle and calm,

All around the world for that love and beauty I searched,

And now in your eyes in all purity that love I see.


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