The Whistle Of Winds.

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The Whistle Of Winds.

The noon time sun upon the roads blazed,

Mirages shown streams flowing ahead,

Oh’ a journey for fun once started,

Then became a passion in which thrived,

Now became a burden unwanted.

Silence deeper into soul penetrated,

Gone by days in memory like view master images stored,

Oh’ what a wonderful life it was for many others,

Still images fading colors, passed with every click of the clock,

Choices well made, fate betrayed, still the joker inside joked.


The masters of life drank from the streams ahead they saw,

Intoxicated they lived losing the sharpness of senses,

Oh’ from among those who lost and senseless spoke,

Who all convinced in the sorcery of evil as the light of life,

Ran far, far away though the mirages kept on hunting.


The movement stopped, nothing of life seen anymore,

The mirages so thick, fear of drowning in mind filled,

Oh’ then the silence from soul erased,

As the whistle of winds ears both in body and mind heard,

In it were a well composed tune that gave me your feeling of love.


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