The Angry Man

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I had the most screwed up day in recent times. The last one was a while back. On that day I wrote a poem called “Reading Poems” today the reasons were totally different. A job opportunity came and I passed the interview on Friday. Sweet job, lot of travel then back in Milwaukee for another 3 months, travel again then back there. I cannot ask for anything better and Monday morning I was expecting the confirmation and what did I got? They want someone with a Green Card, which because of the great policies of the United States government I still don’t have. In any other country in this world I would be a citizen after spending 12 years. One can imagine what will I feel. Damn shitty, yeah, damn shitty after spending 3 days without much sleep preparing for the interview and doing it in a way no one can do any better. Anger intoxicated me beyond every imagination of mine. Then I shut myself down. Rarely I do that because after this I know what is going to happen…. you all will enjoy some of the happiest poems I will be writing in this time. Yes, I write happy poems when I am angry or sad. It will be a while before you see them though.

May God Smile Upon You All Always.

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