The Girl Beside The Stream.

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One of my friend and a very big fan of my poetry recently posted some pictures on her facebook. She looked really pretty and when I saw those pictures I said. No need for sun to be around for me to see you. Yes that’s what I said. Here is the poem that I wrote with that in mind.


The Girl Beside The Stream.

The rays of sun upon the stream danced,

As water in reluctance stood,

For the reflection her the beauty by the stream,

Time dedicated these days in honor of her prettiness.

Barefooted on the rocks she walked,

The poisonous serpents under the rock hid,

For fear in accident they may bite,

And the algae stayed sturdy for her not to fall.

Sun touched her bare shoulders soft,

Jealous water and air flown,

Some birds flew as high as they can and brought,

Fresh air from high above for her to breathe.

Trees joined the wind and swayed,

Flowers of the wild opened a little more to see,

The beauty in heaven God blessed,

The beauty Nature in pride to the world shown.

Time pushed the sun beneath the western horizon,

And the beauty beside the stream sat in thoughts,

No eyes of men upon her fell as far away all roamed,

But maybe her thoughts about some boys love filled heart.

In thoughts she sat, in thoughts she rose and in thoughts away she walked,

Some flowers she touched in dreams they all slept,

The water and air stood stale, but none noticed,

The image of her in the water even when no light is around.


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