Ashes Of Hopes.

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Okay Everyone I am not going to be online much for the next one month. Said that I may come in between and update if there is something to update. Have a fantastic time everyone.   

Ashes Of Hopes. 

Long, Long hours like flower petals spread,
Breath went in and out but mind relaxed,
So far away reality may be,
Still there are times when sun shine on me too.

The way into the mind dreams found,
But only ways as empty remained,
Oh’ how wonderful the unfulfilled dreams shined,
The glitter turned to vapor and they melt and as tears flown.

Waited not for long in sadness,
This world neither deserve my charity,
Nor I expect someone’s kindness,
Oh’ the space and time of mine, God given blessing.

This time will pass and another piece of time will come,
Even the unborn child’s mind will not be empty,
But when through time after birth passes,
Oh’ only the darkness of the ashes of hopes one can find.

¬©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2010 

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