“Freak Of Nature”

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Winter is having a wrath going on outside. One week after I got into my new home, OMG every bone, vein, flesh is aching ooh, lot of moving, assembling and after all that today morning moving about 8 inches of snow to get my car out. Well if it were a week back I would not have cared for the snow as I had the Nissan Titan Truck. Now as I am not moving from one place to another I don’t need a gas guzzler that I cannot get into my garage. So sold that guy out and bought a small car, got a great deal on a new Nissan Sentra colored cappuccino brown. It is another simplicity I am going to. So as the car is smaller no 4 wheel drive needed to move all the snow out and of course I needed to move the snow in the walk way in front of the house. But the freaky side of winter is not over yet, it is still snowing and more will come thurs-fri and later on Sunday. You know what, it is good work out during winter times, burns all the excessive fat I gained from the free lunch I am getting at work . So most people who asked what happened on Feb 14th in not doing the BlogTV comeback show, the car buying kept me at the dealer till 10:00PM. 4 and a half hours of negotiation got me a monthly savings of nearly $400. Now a week later tonight I am going to do it. Or at least give it a try to do it. If I am feeling too tired I may not do a show. But there is a 90% chance I will do a BlogTV show tonight. I am not expecting much crowd there because most of my subscribers left blogtv. Hope to get some new viewers there soon.


Have a great day everyone.

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