The Laughing World.

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I don’t know when or if you ever read these posts.

It is not easy for me to go away and you know that. There is only one promise I will keep which is I will run if I ever see you in real. If you want me to keep any other promise tell me why should i keep those promises as you haven’t kept even one of your promises.

Why I write in protected posts? It was all for you Sam. Now it is only for you as I have none else to talk to other than you and the irony is you don’t talk to me at all. I am the LonelyPoet I am trained to live alone. But still there are times a thought comes to me, that things should have been different. In which way I don’t know. Now I say, if given a chance to go back and change something in my life. Yes I will go back to that day when I first stumbled upon your site from the blogring and pass your site like I passed 100s of other sites. Because the pain it all is giving me is really unbearable.

This poems is just a sour grape one…btw I love the lyrics of the song you wrote. Honestly not my favorite tune. But maybe I should get used to listen to your music and learn to dance to your tunes.

The Laughing World.

Pleasing smiles upon my face come,
When in thoughts of you I plunge,
My days and nights to everything else, unknown.

Sweetness tasted, sourness forgotten,
Gladness regained in dreams newly bloomed,
Love of two souls all around echoed.

Love a monster with pain filled,
Betrayed by time Oh’ our souls lived,
Another layer of life, away time torn.

Time can betray, life torn away,
Promises all became lies,
And your  lies made the me a better liar.

Better world, better sounds, souls searched,
The cry of her soul in her words heard,
For a closed door I looked back, a forgotten path back traced.
Wild woods grown deep, the forgotten path cannot be found,
Lost soul cried aloud, thunders of spring buried the cry,
Still heard, her crying soul, though her world all around laughed.

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