The Onlooker.

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The Onlooker.

A busy day in sweetness of summer born,
With trees standing with leaves and parasites covered,
With the awaken humanity the chaos started,
What wonderful ways Oh’ our lives we complicated.

The employed rushed to their employment,
At home mothers and father for the day prepared,
The unemployed busier than the employed all around rushed,
Ah’ there is more to do when not employed than when employed.

One after the other past in images in and out faded,
Lifeless days, undisciplined ways, all meaningless, now united,
As monuments of a past forever in soul engraved,
The meanings of it all, as an image in a mirror I see.

Ah’ every step I made, the ground gave away,
The fallen truth, image in the mirror distorted,
Unbearable silence forcefully broken,
To scream I tried, but only sobs out of me came.

Life the revealer, revealed more than asked for,
Still wondered why always from far I looked,
But never were close enough to feel it all,
As the blessing of it all in the mirror never I saw.

Oh’ never to look at the mirror I decided,
Silence all the arrows at me fired,
A lone way I expected and longer it felt,
As round and round is all I can go on.

The mirror in the middle, me around it running,
In the morning light all I see,
Ah’ the one running don’t look at the mirror anymore,
As the blessing he seek, stood looking at him, with tear filled eyes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

2 Replies to “The Onlooker.”

  1. @bluwalker – aha,blu thanks for commenting here.. Well, don’t tell me I wrote a poem like the movie ‘Inception’. Well blu, there are times when life itself complicates when everything can be simple with just one action and right at that time when the action is needed, people fail to act. That’s something that happened to me recently. It is that very thought that gave me a thought about writing this poem.

    Thanks again.

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