The Future Ways.

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Dust from behind cars up blown,
And took shapes of creatures mankind never seen,
Then joined hands of summer wind and danced,
Across the barren land under a tree I sat,
The tree cooled the wind and there I just sat.

Tried to think about the days to come,
But found none to guide in future ways,
Tried to think into the days to past gone,
Found none who cared to follow my ways.

Up to the tree I looked and aloud I said,
“Oh’ once upon a time far, far from here I saw,
A picture of a tree and in my heart I wished,
Like that tree one day I will find a place to grow,
And branch out becoming a shade to all,
But a man I am who in plights through lands passes,
And my growth is in every step I lay,
And the lesson I learn when upon every eyes I look”.

Stood up I and walked through the barren lands,
Heard no branches clank or saw no waves of leaves,
Then a thought through my mind passed,
The lives of people I must touch,
The lives of things I must reach,
Are the ways of future through which I must pass.

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