Whispers Of The Night.

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This is a poem which was written sitting alone at night just watching the stars. Every night I pray for a soul and this poem originated from those prayers. I wanted to write the whole prayer in here but I just thought a prayer for someone is a matter between me and the One I pray to,still mentioned a bit of it in this poem. Writing of this poem is a rare act during the month of fasting. But I just can’t stop loving even when I am fasting and God never told not to love ever. So personally there are sentimental values about this poem even though I am not fully sure if I were able to bring the whole emotion properly in this poem.

Whispers Of The Night.

Night, Oh’ night, further and further darkness crawls,
Phantoms upon the flowers left magic sprinkles,
And through the misty winds in silence disappeared.

Shine, Oh’ Shine, stars in the furthest corners shined,
But the crowns of them to a beauty long lost,
And to her the night through gentle rhythms whispered.

Wake up not O’ pretty faced maiden wake up not,
As the dreamer to sleep not yet surrendered,
But the whispers of his mind from his eyes I stole,
And those whispers to the depths of mine told,
“Look at those blooming flowers you will see,
Look at those shinning stars you will see,
Light of a kind mankind unseen,
From the furthest corners of the universe darkness you bring,
But in the depth of my soul no darkness can enter,
As filled in is the light of her soul through her eyes seen.
Look in the depths of the bloomed flower, you will see,
Erased will be the darkness, in which the flower slept,
Look at the stars O’ stood in awe of my love unblinking.
Gathered are the whispers of my love in my dream I will sing,
A dream none but her loving soul will see,
Oh’ in that dream all her dreams for her I will fulfill.
Listen to the winds in which bound is my soul’s message,
Oh’ in it you will hear the prayers for my eternal love.”

Wake up not O’ lucky darling of the lover of the best kind,
For, in his heart purity of love only for you I found,
A heart in prayers for you dedicated,
A man in prayers for you just to sleep surrendered.

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