The Unburied Corpse.

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There is an audio for this poem you can find it here. The Unburied Corpse

The Unburied Corpse.

“Tell, tell, tell”, she said,
“All I will tell will hurt you, so don’t be hurt”, to her I told,
A riddle of a period of life to hold ground failed.

A flower with honey of innocence filled,
A darling, in me a lot of trust filled,
Oh’ she was the riddle I should not have weaved,
She a storm in mind for months gathered.

Madness of a man, imaginations of a poet all grown,
Like a hurricane filled with thick clouds that blinded,
Like the winds all around I ran but to move even a leaf I failed
Frustrations broke the man, beyond every imagination known.

Oh’ all came to one moment of truth,
All courage in every sense failed,
When she said “Can’t ask me not to be hurt,
Because doing this altogether is past hurting”.

The poet fell, the madness erased,
Though not seen her in real in front but felt,
The pain of a soul in confusions swayed,
Oh’ at that time, my mind some evil possessed.

Failed to be a man of truth,
The reality in a story very well said,
Truth of love I just buried,
And to her lie after lie forever I told.

I am no man to be forgiven but one to be forgotten,
When every truth deep with lies for years I buried,
Oh’ a dream I cherished to shed a tear for the murder,
Of the lover in me and his corpse I left unburied.

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