The Weeping Tempest.

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Here is my new poem friends. This poem was written looking at the picture of a girl the girl knows who she is if she reads this poem in full.

The Weeping Tempest.

The opening lines of a poem in my mind I thought,
When at a picture of you I looked,
Then the worldly life to darker times as a pray thrown,
Me and my dreams in the whirlpools, Oh’ in fear drowned.

Thankful I am O’ God as you helping hands in her words I felt,
Bound my soul to her soul Oh’ only in spiritual ways understood,
Every time darkness to my life spread his wings I remembered,
Those words of blessings, to past I will never lose.

Her mind at the wonders of life looked and swayed,
My intentions to every evil doubts in her mind might have crept,
Oh’ my silence will leave the whispering of doubts uncleared,
So even when only a picture I see, my mind whistled.

Oh’ God I once raised my hands and you blessing I sought,
And she came filling every corner of my life with confidence and luck,
Mistakes and misunderstandings made me and her felt bad,
And surrounded me again are darkness that breaks my will.

Oh’ God In darkness again at you in pleading my hands I raise,
Forgiveness I seek, for swaying the blessing you gave,
And I know not anymore any actions or words I should do or say,
Only the feelings from those blessed days, these days I feel.

Ah’ like a tempest all the feelings into me came,
The lonely stranger I am, a truth I forgot,
Now the tempest only in my mind I feel,
Strongly blowing with a weeping sound.

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Watch this video it is really inspiring.

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