The Venom To Which I am Addicted

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The Venom To Which I am Addicted

Read all that I have written,
In the blasting summer storms,
Speak to your mind and once more ask,
Will you ever feel love in the way I loved you?

Burn up the sheets of my love,
Bury the ashes, float away the dreams,
The fires of love will remain above,
And still the words the flowing water will scream.

In the depths of love there is kindness,
And innocence none will know but in passions blinded,
There are lost ways none ever ventured,
There are lost years none ever counted,
The drift between our souls, Oh’ we always felt we needed,
Yet, the love so strong with silence so tightly bound.
The gift in our hearts, each other we feel,
Oh’ from it I can’t walk away, but can you?

Life as a concrete canyon grown,
Then along with my love for you apart it fell,
The steel and stones all twisted,
The dust like the mist from a volcano blown,
And my love a venom to which I am addicted.

Again and again to my heart I pleaded,
To turn away, erase away your face,
Again and again the remaining time and space of mine filled,
With a face, a smile and the deep rooted love of yours,
I once failed to understand and accept.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.


Listen to the Broken Angel song I posted earlier you will know what I mean.. Half of the song is in some Turkish. But the english part is interesting.

Broken Angel Arash ft. Helena

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