Those Unshared Lucky Stars

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Today I made a post on Facebook with a lot of frustration as some people got some serious issues with me having multiple accounts there. For that one of my friends from UK responded agreeing with me. The first part this poem came out of the comments I wrote in response to his comments. For finding an end to the start, I went back, yes, I went back more than 6 years and took a wonderful event from real life and made a scifi like scenario to end it. Hope you all like this poem.


Those Unshared Lucky Stars


The songs of motivations into ears blasted,

Foot in different way all around moved,

The body moved as if all bones inside broken,

Then they shouted, “Dance for life,

Dance for liberty,

Dance for a mindful of peace”.


Yes all danced, sang and danced,

A generation beyond their capacity hyped,

The whispers in minds echoed,  

And they say they hear voices they understand not.

How will they understand when in intentions,

They don’t want to understand?


Oh’ the generation following the degenerated,

Phantoms of a past even time want to forget,

Oh’ they fell in ditches they themselves dug,

And the outstretched hands empty remained,

As for many the trap to capture life they set,

Oh’ their own graves those traps became.


Through unpaved paths he ran,

All around the lands screaming “My Darling”,

Chanting verses in which he praised,

The beauty and talent of a poet in traps of life’s bureaucracy fell,

Oh’ he heard not a word or reply in growls,

Growls of society in which her nightingale voice buried.


Then all his material senses he shut,

And into the depths of the spiritual senses he searched,

From the past above the horizons rose,

All the lucky stars of her to him she once gave,

There and then to her what she gave he returned,

As his material senses to him with a storm came back.


The flying debris and the dust blinding,

Oh’ through them a hand he saw he can never forget,

The hand that wrote the best verses he ever read,

Out of the dark cold ditch he pulled,

And before she could see with the storm he left,

As the same lucky stars, in no ways, two people can share.


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