A Lesson She Taught

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Last week I promised a new poem called “The Winter Coat” I changed the theme of the poem a bit so it is still in a period of maturity. But one other poem I was working got finished in the process. Here it is.


A Lesson She Taught.

All the lights of night in the brightness of her eyes faded,
Ah’ this is not a dream as the pot hole I stumbled,
Poetically gave pain which in a moment erased,
When dreams about togetherness in depths of mind weaved.

Daybreak preyed for me to gain her gaze,
Ah’ those prayers with the dew melting failed,
Bright morning sun for me to be her wish prayed,
Those prayers by the clouds from north consumed,
And as snow all around her showered.

With no prayers to her I approached,
With no intentions her welfare I asked,
The pebble in the stream in rolling sounds said,
“Wait not O’man wait not,
For her life to material life forfeited,
Her senses to the feeling of love forever sealed,
No learning of any kind to paths to you she can learn,
So speak no ill of her,
See not the bad of her,
And wait not for her love.”
And the pebble rolling and rolling sang,
Sang a song of prayers to save my soul.

Mindless to become I tried,
But nothing in my life I learned shown,
How to be mindless, uncaring and hurtful and walk away,
Oh’ through her eyes her soul I searched,
And to her from the depths of my soul I whispered,
The way to life from soul in spirituality live,
And to material fulfillment in paths united to eternity.

At her the sweetness of poetry every day I sang,
Teaching her to live from soul not from heart,
To her in verses I spoke,
To live a life taking what one needs,
Not what one wants and dreams,
Every bit of life to her in living I’ve shown,
Oh’ every lesson the pebbles and winds to all corners took,
And the world learned and waited,
Waited for the lessons of purity she can teach,
Lessons of life to her in every way I explained,
She taught none as in through her material ways she danced,
And every bit of true love from her she erased,
Then she taught a lesson none ever want to learn,
Ah’ she taught me well how to cry in silence.

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