The Void.

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I am back as there is something I was having conflict within my conscience, I entered into peace and now I am a free man. I know one fact there is only one person who is going to feel bad about this peace, that’s me. But it needed to be done and I should have done this a long, long time ago. I procrastinated and paid a heavy price, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But there is so much I can wish for and there is so much I can do and then there is that one factor of what exactly I ‘need’ to go on. That ‘need’ over shadows everything else. I am only taking the air I breathe rest is all for you my dear. I got her into mind through manipulation of emotions. It is like a controlled fire. But there are times when that goes out of control and it did. What I did in recent days was just putting off the fire. So there is peace but without that fire, cold air will fill in.

   Day before yesterday night before going to bed I said.. “Welcome Back To The Fantasy World Of Lone, where everything means exactly as defined by the LonelyPoet because there is none else to define otherwise.” And I went to bed without much thought and woke up without much thought and lived couple of days without much thought and now writing this without much thought.

  There are many questions I myself don’t want to answer so please do not ask any questions and fill in the void where the fire was put off, with sadness, I am all set to feel the freeze in the blazing sun rays that will dance around.

The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On The Face Of Others.


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