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You want to know about the survival of me during my 20s and early 30s? Here, this is where you can read it all. About 15 years were like 10 lifetimes. I am thankful to God for giving me such a fulfilling life and of course I have to thank couple of people who directly or indirectly inspired me to write. Then there is one person whom I chose as a model to write another set of poems but ended up much more closer than that emotionally and that circus to emotionally detach from her with poetry brought in more than 110 poems in this book. I sincerely thank her for her support and well wishes. Yes, now I can say I survived. This is not the whole story of the survival. There is more to come. The first of which will be made available next month. “Scent Of Spring” next part is “Flames From Frost” and the third and final part will be “Yesterdays And Romantic Feelings” which will be coming out in 2013 Summer. So busy time for me to write, edit and release books, as for you all start with this one.

Age Of Survival-Collection Of Poems

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