Wicked Weekend

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What a fantastic weekend… woot woot woot… Friday evening was all lawn moving and my mighty try to clean up my backyard where leaves of last fall is still sticking on to the ground. I call my backyard a desolate mess of addictive laziness. After nearly an hour of trying to get all the leaves out with a leaf blower then fork. I gave up and said aloud

“Leaves are good for the soil, let it all rot”

Saturday woot woot woot… someone unexpectedly came for a visit. All afternoon and evening went away like a micro second. Details cannot be given here as it maybe too explicit for kids.

Sunday morning visitor left I spent my time on the bed and later woke up had some sandwich she made and left for me on the table and looked outside and it looked as if a tornado is going to touch down. My neighbor wanted the tornado to touch down and destroy all homes except his, holding a quarter bottle whiskey he shouted,

“Riaz you lazy bastard cut all the lawn man, or I will cut it for you”

And he went away and later I saw him cutting another neighbors yard. I went out and shouted

 “Dude you are cutting the wrong yard”

As it started to rain he left his mover on the other yard and went back home. Alcohol is not a good thing but some people cannot live without it. None said that aloud but the echoes of the winds clearly said that.

Sunday evening, HBO, Showtime wooot wooooot wooooooot… Game Of Thrones is incredible. Like I predicted last year, the little girl who acts as Arya wow.. what an amazing performance. And in Showtime Borgias.. Oh’ c’mon the girl who acts as Lucrezia Borgia (Holliday Grainger) looked way too young to go naked. But it is an incredible story and the it is getting better and better.

Night went away without dreams. Answers never came, as no questions were asked. Time is not lazy, time is an untiring worker passing me by like an untouchable tempest.

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