Journey To A Never Ending Daydream

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Those who truly “Like” my writings, this is a must read post with a lot of explanation and a new Poem.

I wrote this poem out of sheer frustration. It was written sometime in the last week of March. I typed it in and then shredded the original to like a thousand pieces. Recently things changed dramatically. It is not easy to explain. I have to be very honest and open to you all here. The bubble girl is back in action. The conditions she set forth are reasonable and she gave me a choice, “Take it or leave it” I said I will take it. I am not going to set forth even one condition, because I don’t have any. The issue really was when I was trying to make a furious situation with her and to get that, in my twisted mind, I made up an idea that I will criticize what she love most and I did. The furious reaction came from her, and that made me happy. But unfortunately her protective friends saw this as a direct threat to her and called me all sorts of things. The mistake she did was, she totally forgot my intentions and started “Like”ing the things wrote at me. Of course instead of the fury of her, now I have my own fury at hand to deal with and it became a mess beyond my own control. If you trace back you can see my “spiteful, angry, emotional, regretful” comments and messages at her and her friends. I agree I said things I should have never even thought in my mind. I sincerely apologize to her and her friends for that. Despite all that she came back after reading a short story I wrote called “Legend Of A Peacock Feather”  I don’t know how many of my “thousands” of followers read that. Hehehe. I don’t see many views there. Despite the fact you folks add me as a friend, you folks won’t respond to me at all. Why do people add me as a friend is a mind boggling mystery they themselves don’t know.

      Now what is going to happen? The conditions she put forward are accepted and with strict discipline will be implemented in my future writings. I know what I am accepting is not an easy task as what I do is like the mechanics of a Radar, I throw some idea and when it gets a response (be it positive or negative) I make up a poem idea out of it and write a poem. It is not yet clear if that is even possible considering the conditions she put forward, because my understanding is, I am not allowed to make any personal reference to her, any reference to her art, poetry, music etc. and I am not allowed to criticize her friends at all as they are protecting her. So that leaves me with… …. ….. ….. ….  I think you folks got the point. Maybe she will give me a new way to be inspired by her.. believe me she is the best poet I’ve ever read.

    Enough about all that, I don’t want you folks to get caught up in some Facebook soap opera. Understand this, if you say one bad thing about her that will get you kicked out of my facebook page without even a question. My true authors community friends knows that very well and that’s why most of them don’t respond to many of my writings.

To conclude, The LonelyPoet will “protect” who he likes and make sure that person is respected by anyone who comes in contact with him. He doesn’t care whether anyone respects him or not, he can’t care if someone “protects” him or not, he is the “LonelyPoet” isn’t it?

Read The Poem And Enjoy It, If you “Like” it spread the word (Not like Legs is the word spread the word and try to go between the word) just share it with your friends. 

Journey To A Never Ending Daydream.

Waking up from a material dream I walked,
Oh’ away from the material life I walked,
Meaningless mockery of the material world I heard,
Peasant I am not in the matter of love,
As Godly love, in my heart and soul filled.

When by the doors of material love I walked,
Hearing verses in words of sweetness weaved,
Some with romantic intoxication filled,
Some with lust driven passions filled,
Oh’ the language of the heart by humanity given,
To extinction when words used, in actions became meaningless.

Ah’ in there some played music with emotions filled,
Each instrument a different emotion suggested,
Some danced in the tunes and rhythm of others,
Some danced looking at other’s moves,
All seemed prying on material hallucinations.

Passed many doors, many faces I saw, 
Sad at times I felt, angry at times I felt,
But there were moments when pleasant I felt,
As the verses and music and dance gave senses a beautiful nurture,
And hopes, dreams and wishes guided,
Grip of soul for many years mind lost,
Heart pounded in yearning to be loved untiringly.

That material world to accept I cannot,
And the door closed in winds of material naughtiness.
Turned back and looked at those paths through which passed,
Nothing to venture back for those bridges burned behind.

The lake not so far away I saw,
Locked and sealed the door tight and I walked,
To the lake, the never ending daydream,
Leaving drops of tears I never wanted to shed.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

4 Replies to “Journey To A Never Ending Daydream”

  1. Damage was done to the nature in us. not many could WALK THE TALK. The poet is really upset but this is the reason makes this poem so intense.

    We care nothing much about the value of preserving what is best in this universe. Nothing gone will be back… and to human and nature, life is more than our greed… it is a gift of compassion and kindness to all .

    Thank you for writing some thoughtful poem… Excellent

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