Week Blog-04-23

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Monday morning I woke up late and got ready late and got stuck in the highway and got into work late. At times I am terrible in getting ready and getting out of home. The reason why I woke up late was I saw a dream and in it I saw I am trying to follow my brother and he is all walking around in long beard. I am talking about someone who shaves everyday. So I was trying to figure out what exactly that dream meant. Well.. I wasted considerable time for that and gave up. It was a long day, my work is crazy busy and I am not able to get anything 100% done. I was sketchy in explaining the status but my colleague saved me big time as she jumped in and explained things. Before I left office I checked a Astrology page. There was an interesting post there it went like this


“From the moment Sun entered Taurus on 19th April, coupled with the supportive emotional energy of the New Moon on 20th April [which trined Mars in Virgo]; everything has been leading to a special event today. The event is STABILITY. In each of our lives we all have THREE aspects that provide us with STABILITY; and we need EACH ONE in order to be STABLE.

        Each person according to their own persona has different things and aspects that creates stability in their lives. For some it is children, for others it is a home, for others it is plenty of money, for others it is plenty of food, for others it is being loved, for others it is happiness and for more spiritually enlightened it is inner peace, calmness and feeling a connection to the Divine. EVERYONE is different, hence something that gives me great stability might be awfully frightening and destabilizing in your life. Today, whatever that ONE aspect is – you will SEE IT in real life – and it will give you great stability. “


I smiled at myself when I was driving home. The time specified should start right after sunset as the person I believe followed Jewish traditions in his interpretations of the Astrological movements. I went home watched T.V and slept as usual.

Tuesday: I woke up late again.. this time I saw a dream much more clearly but as I know I should be at work very early I got ready fast. By the time I reached office I remember this much of the dream. A girl and me are in some sort of race or competition and she is not my opponent but she helps me win it. And I said to the world, See she likes, I knew it and now you all know it too. The girl is an integral part of the poet. Then I thought oooh this is the girl who left in protest and I said lot of weird things and wrote posts and poems and did BlogTV shows and in all these accused her as someone who betrayed my trust and all. I said to myself she is going to do something.  I never believed Astrology and Dreams totally. Still I said it. But after finishing the morning meetings I came and checked my phone and saw that a “Friend Request” I sent her after all the chaos is accepted and when I went to her site woot there was a long post saying her mind. I am not good at interpreting astrology or dreams… I went back and looked at the rest of the prediction. It doesn’t end there… see the rest

  “Nothing else will seem to matter or bother you; except focusing on this ONE ASPECT. And if you’re really blind or stupid – then you’ll have to wait until 24th April then you’ll WAKE UP and see what that ONE ASPECT is and it’s importance to your life. The SECOND stabilizing aspect of your life is going to make itself known to you on 29th April 2012 and the THIRD will be on 13th May 2012.”

   I laughed after reading this… because I am not a person who believes in tomorrow until that tomorrow comes and one ASPECT is pointing to couple of days in the future.. Interesting.

  The rest of the week went like the wink of my eye. Oooh.. I was thinking deep and hard…. About the return of the Jedi. Hehehe she knows exactly what I mean. Eventually, earlier today I wrote a long post just for her clearing some things from my side and asking her to clear some of my doubts. After all we are all humans, there are times we all emotionally explode and there are times we just learn to take a loss and walk away. One thing I can say….an emotional explosion will not happen from me again.

  In all it was an interesting week. Though the whole week kept me at the edge of the seat, one thing I understood, I am not good at multitasking anymore, especially when something like this goes on. I was not able to pay attention to my work much. I got some meetings done and got some documentation done. Now I am taking the rest home and hoping I find better answers and will be calm enough to finish some work things by Monday and next week is going to be more hectic.. Hopefully I may not have to deal with the poet in me much.


You all have a great weekend. I will tell how the weekend went on Monday’s Weekend Blog.



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