Weekdays Blog For Week 05-14-2012

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When looking at my “To Do” list, I see it will take couple of people to do all that I need to do. So I am leaving this earlier than expected. There were no blogs last week. I said I am cancelling all blogs and shows until I get settled with the “Dream Architect”.

  It will not be easy for anyone to really understand these days. Some try to interpret things through logic. Some try to interpret through astrology. Some just say they believe in science even though they no nothing about science. As for me I don’t belong to any of these groups. I am the “Lonely” Poet isn’t it? To be honest with you I sincerely believe there is more out there beyond our five senses can comprehend. So I’d say those that I can understand are all what I truly need.

   Now to a great extend I got petrified while trying to make a major change in my writing habits. Honestly it just did not work in the way I wanted it to work. To say in another way, the dream architect right now I have is an epic fail. To say openly, she is more interested in my private life than dealing with what I gave her. The responses were outrageous that tells me the previous one was an angel. It is hard very hard to make a change like that and for someone to play along. So it is bothering me in everything I do. My house is an incredible mess. I weigh 230lbs at 5 foot 6 inch height that is a little too much body weight and my back is paining. Nothing much happening at work (which is not really my fault as off shore developers were hired way ahead of time than needed), In Fact the positive things I hoped to happen did not happen at all. This is indeed the time when I need “all of my luck” .. hehehehe.. I will speak nothing more of it.

   I am preparing for a busy summer. I am pretty sure this is one summer I will have to do things worth remembering for lifetimes ahead.

I will do a blogtv show tomorrow as one of my very young friend emailed me saying “I miss you”. She is someone who once came to my show and I was about to kick her out saying she is too young to be in my show. She told her age in 2008 as 14 years old. Then she told me just co-host me. I did, and saw a pretty looking 14 year old with a baby. I asked “Is that your sister or brother you are holding” she said with a smile, “No, this is my baby” me and Pugli one of my friend from Finland were stunned. That girl was a rape victim. From that day onwards she was the only one in her age group allowed in my shows (until Laura came with her daughter Anna). She is the only one who knows my mobile phone number. Last time I talked to her was in 2009 when she called me and said she is moving. Yesterday when I saw one of her recording on blogtv, I saw she got another baby. That’s fantastic to see that she is doing fine after a catastrophe in her life. I said this here because, that is one girl who took life as it happened and lived with it, proving to the world as long as you are breathing there is chance for you to live life to the fullest.

   Then there is another girl who wants a line to be drawn in a shape she wants and me to dance over it. That’s another way of living. I respect her too however she chose silence (she is the only one who can command me to do a show anytime)  but I invite her to be in that show too if she is free and if she reads this before the show.

Expect nothing then you will know the sweetness of what you gained.

Enjoy this Friday.


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