Bye Bye Facebook

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Facebook is the biggest fuck up I have ever dealt with. Still I use it though. For the last four or five posts I have noticed most people who like my posts there and praise me as a poet don’t even come to this site to actually read the post. I will tell you an example, yesterday I posted something there.. six or seven people liked it but the first one to respond was Arthur (TorukMakto) he told “Yay yay I figured it out, dude, if you miss your girlfriend go to her and sing these poems to her directly or call her. That should not stop you from writing poems like these, because they are awesome.” You know what happened, the rest of the people started telling me I should not stop writing.  It clearly told me none of the people who told me not to stop writing actually read the poems. They were just thinking what I said in the post was I am stopping to write poems from what Arthur said. In fact look at the last post, neither the post or poems says anything about me stopping writing. I don’t believe I should continue to use Facebook as the spear head. I never liked it.. I was playing along with Mo Cuishle. She will always be that but me going back there with my poems.. not going to happen. If someone there really wants to say what they feel about my poems they can come here and say it. I restarted the network and hopefully when I update here it will automatically show up there.

Here is what came to me this day.

The floating lotus owes to the muddy water nothing,
The flying raven owes to the wind nothing,
The River owes to the storm nothing.
Reasons never ask for thankfulness,
Yet the beneficiaries in respect always remembers the reasons,
Like the poet always in thank filled respect remembers his muse.



13 Replies to “Bye Bye Facebook”

  1. I don’t use facebook either, but it’s mainly because of the complete disregard for privacy.  Maybe it’s just because facebook is so big and so many people use it, but you hear so many horror stories about stalkers.

    Unless it’s changed, facebook is the only social site where default settings make your e-mail, birth date, and so on public.

    And for whatever it’s worth, if someone likes your stuff enough, i dont think it’s asking too much for them to go somewhere else to read it.

  2. @ascultafili – Privacy is still a big issue theee. I am not abandoning that place…the number of followers are too much there and now no one can add me as my friends list is more than 5000. It is none of that what matters..the so called friends are mocking me like I said in the I thought I will network the blog there than post it there.. if they respond here I will respond back or nothing.

  3. facebook doesn’t do much for me. somehow mine has turned into a spot for my friends to argue with each other anytime I post even the simplest thing. so I now have decided to forget it. only logging in to say happy bday to people. forgetting about the rest of it. I like the poem you have here in this post. I really like poetry. I used to write some but stopped. maybe I’ll get back into it.

  4. @mistyshadowz – Yeah Misty, I agree there are too many people there and they add you to groups which you eventually may have to go and leave it. They spam all over your inbox etc… It became a mess there and you are right my so called friends don’t argue but looks like it became a routine for them to come and read the first comment and then reply based on that comment. If no one there reads my works then why should I post there. I am an old school blogger.. I prefer to write than worry about who thinks what about me or my writing or what others are writing in their FB accounts. I had a twitter account which I cancelled as that became another mess with spammers. I haven’t closed down my FB account I added something called NetworkedBlogs and what it does is when you make a post here it will automatically post it there on FB. If some of those who really like my writing want to read my writings can come here and read.
    Now there is no wrong way or wrong time to write poetry or tell a story. Please feel free to post it in your blog I will follow you there.

    Thank you and have a great day.

  5. I had to stop with the facebook. I hardly ever post on there anymore. In fact, I deactivated for about 6 months! Back on, sigh. Facebook is the devil.

    So you post your poetry to facebook? Wow, I could never do that. All my family, grandmother, cousins, second cousins are all there. I am very selective and guarded on that sight. Hide my true self.

  6. @AncoraImparo – aha.. I’ve been posting on Facebook for years. There are over 100 notes there in which I have poems… Well, I am a loner so in a way I really don’t have to care about what anyone else thinks. My whole life most people.. know.. well this may give you a shock.. I do live poetry shows on BlogTV. Well there are lot of evil people on BlogTV too. Let me tell ya, if you write poetry, the world deserves to see it. So put it out there and tell your family.. here are my expressions. What can they do? Put you in internet jail? In fact sometime the reaction maybe the other way around. Make them feel proud about you. Even if someone comes are makes fun of you, which some will, understand those people can only do that. A true poet sees everything through the eyes of a poet and in everything there is a portion of perfection that perfection no matter how much imperfect one or many may try to portray will be understood and accepted by a poetry lover as poetry. Never be afraid to be who you are as we only live life once.

    Thanks for the support!

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