Climbing Mountains

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This is a short poem these short poems usually don’t take much time to write. The idea will be insignificant, but the thrill of writing these short poems is, on the fly I will able to modify the idea. This particular poem started with the thought of counting waves near the ocean. I started with expressing boredom when waiting for someone. The eagerness on one side then inactivity on the other, however by the end of the second line the idea started evolving in my mind and I ended up with expressing a totally different idea altogether. The time gap between the first stanza and the last three lines was about 3 hours.

Enjoy, I am sure many will and the one I love to know she read my works… hmmm… God did not bless me with that much luck.

Climbing Mountains.

Count and count and count numbers never end,
Every heart beat takes a century of another time dimension,
Less than a second to you, so it matters not,
Life for some a mighty ocean to cross,
For some a wonderful dream filled with love,
Oceans I don’t like, climbing mountains I love,
Never will I measure the height of a mountain,
Until I reach the top of it,
As then I will know, how low it is.

When feeling of love for one inside boils,
And no feeling of her love or existence I feel,
Ah’ I know far away from any mountains I live.


This is a related poem I posted directly on Facebook.

The Waiting Penguins.

The frozen ice a bit unfroze,
The penguins found their mates and bonded,
The winds of south behind the frozen canyons rested,
Then mates to the sea to kill hunger went,
The stampede and the dangers of the sea known,
Still they left their mates to the sea, unpredictable.
Seals, sea lions and sharks, Oh’ they hunted,
Many penguins to their mates returned,
Others, forgetting hunger and all other emotions waits.

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