A Lifetime Of Love.

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I have a good friend from Russia, she is one of the best photographers I have met in recent times. She sent me some of her pictures and browsing through the first set of pictures I wrote the following little poem. I made a short video with the images and poem. But as I do not have permission to use the pictures in public I am not posting the pictures or videos. But here is the short little poem.

A Lifetime Of Love.

The winter wrath fell asleep,
As buds of spring time sprouted,
And new life around nature greened,
And filled every soul with peace.

Gathered are whispers in mist,
From thoughts of hearts in love
As her colorful wings Spring spreads,
The melancholic rhymes of winter erased.

As minds for reality paused,
Nature, feelings of lovers borrowed
And in the ink of love dipped,
Flowers in colors minds can express.

A lifetime of love.

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