The Dream Of The Nightingale.

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The second poem in the series. There are some changes from the original as I edited mostly the last two stanzas. Enjoy

The Magic Of Julia.

The Dream Of The Nightingale.

The rhythm of a dancer step by step felt,
Into that rhythm his heartbeat synched,
Oh’ nothing can limit the power of a dream,
No limit on what one can dream, placed.

In the valley of dreams he flew,
Along the winds who took him high,
And he saw butterflies kissing flowers,
Oh’ beauty on beauty all around spread.

Then from above the flicker of her wings he saw,
The flying beauty through air moved,
Her wings spread and for the prefect flower she searched,
And every flower for her gentle touch yearned.

Down to the flower filled valley he flew,
And the rhythm of his heart gave music,
And the valley in the gentle wind swayed,
As scent from flowers along with him spread.

Along with her over smiling flowers he flew,
And every flower brightened as over them she flew,
His heart in their gladness pounded,
And they both in unison upon a tree rested.

Oh’ the gladness from his heart to her he shared,
And her wings slowly to his heartbeat moved,
And to his surprise the face of Julia filled the dream,
The beauty of every butterfly turned to reflect Julia.

Ah’ the naughty wind awoke him by blowing pollen,
Though not to his pleasure in inevitability he woke
From her eyes the color blue filled the sky,
As everything his view saw filled with Julia’s image.


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