Flight Through Falling Leaves.

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Here is the next poem in the series ‘The Magic Of Julia’ I wrote this poem right after Julia left and her pretty face was still in mind in full. As I walked outside I felt that she is still with me. That triggered the idea.


Flight Through Falling Leaves.

The seasons passed and flowers left,
Many other singers to warmer pastures flown,
The color of sky by grey shade of light painted,
And the cheeks of the spreading cold the wind kissed.

One by one the leaves all around him fell,
The green ground with brown dead leaves filled,
The rain from heavens with cold breeze fell,
The setting sun everyday left one last warm kiss.

All around he flew with a song so warm,
And in that warmth the morning mist melted,
And upon the drying out weeds fell,
As through the falling leaves in the plains he flew.

What kept the nightingale warm a mystery,
Mother Nature through her wonders waited,
To learn the reasons of gladness that kept him warm,
As every bird left their nests and away all flown.

Death everywhere in a wild dance loomed,
Still way above leafless trees in early morning heard,
The song of a bird that in every mind embedded,
The image of a smiling girl with blue eyes filled,

With love new born and shared in every breath she took,
Such is the magic love in minds can bring,
No cold, heat, rain or snow can slow its spread,
As with the image of Julia through the falling leaves he flew.

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