The Admiring Spider.

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My model Julia had some issues so we were not able to communicate at all. So all works on that series is paused but not stopped. I thought I may have to abandon the whole thing but no she contacted me and informed me about her difficulty. See this is good, as keeping in touch and informing me about the issue she has. Otherwise I will be waiting forever, which I hate to the core of my life. But unfortunately there were and are people who loves doing that. I feel poor, helpless and abandoned when someone makes me wait. So I will be back on track with those poems soon.

When I was browsing through the web I met a girl called Gulnara she I believe lives in Poland. I don’t know much about her and I was trying to chat with her but her English was terrible. The event I am speaking in the poem happened and I saw the whole thing on Video..Read the poem you will know what I mean.

The Admiring Spider.

Through silence step by step the spider moved,
Looking at a beauty, who in digital magic sat amazed,
Her flowing hair she caressed, her bright hazel eyes watched,
Some words of praise, some words of insult and many meaningless love.

Step by step up the spider moved,
And wondered “Oh what a wonderful beauty”,
And in his own praise looking at the beauty he sat,
“Aaaah” the beauty screamed,
Looking at the spider up the tripod climbed,
Not knowing the admiration in the mind of the crawler.

Fear upon the face of beauty spread,
Even in fear her beauty brighter shined,
Then the beauty from view of the spider disappeared,
Oh’ what disappointment through the spider spread.

The world with good and bad filled,
Fear makes the world a more dangerous place,
And the spider seen not the beauty behind,
“Tup” it sounded and the beauty won her fight,
The dying spider took one more glance,
At the beauty who looked prettier in her victory.

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